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Deborah Cohen, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Preschool Consultation
For many children, preschool represents many "firsts" -- the first time they must separate from parents or caregivers for any length of time; the first time they must co-exist, play, and share with a large group of children; the first time they are required to follow a schedule; and the first time they must express their needs to adults and peers without help from their parents.
For some children, the transition to preschool will be almost seamless; for others, the demands of preschool will create stress and may reveal areas of development that are lagging. 
A Psychological Consultant can be helpful in the preschool setting in several ways:
1. A consultant can help teachers and parents understand why a child is struggling and what can be done to help.  This can be accomplished through classroom observation, completion of questionnaires, and discussion among parents, teachers and the consultant. 
2. A consultant can help teachers trouble-shoot challenging classroom management or individual behavioral problems. This could include setting up behavioral systems (e.g., sticker charts) or employing other strategies within the classroom.
3. A consultant can provide training to parents and staff on a wide variety of topics related to the psychological, emotional, social and cogitive development of preschoolers.
I am available for any of the above services, on a one-time or on-going basis.  Please contact me for more information.